Sun City Festival HOA helps Residents Enjoy Life In Arizona

The Sun City Festival HOA – Home Owners Association – is one of the features that make living in Sun City Festival a dream. Sun City Festival’s HOA is responsible for ensuring the community’s facilities are well maintained while also planning monthly events that keep residents active, engaged, and socially connected with one another. I know for a fact this happens as I live here.

The homeowner’s association oversees the upkeep of the recreation center, which also houses a fitness center, pool, spa, and several sports courts. They are also responsible for the 18-hole golf course, crafts center and softball complex. This group manages more than 31 different clubs that meet in Sun City Festival, including ones devoted to games, sports and crafts.

The HOA performs annual surveys of Sun City Festival residents in order to ensure they remain satisfied here. They also hold regular meetings, including budget reviews that are held once each year. Information is also available on their official website about upcoming events and activities. This information is also published in a monthly newsletter that is distributed to all residents.

Members of the board have also developed policies that serve to enhance the quality of life for Sun City Festival residents. This includes a rules and procedures manual that dictates how new clubs here are organized and established. In addition, they have a lifestyle director who can provide assistance to those who are interested in starting a new club in the community.

Life in this retirement community is much better thanks to the efforts of the Sun City Festival HOA. This group also strives to ensure that homes here retain their value by carefully placing protective covenants in place. If you’d like to find out more about what this exciting active adult community has to offer, fill out the form below to schedule a showing of homes in this great community.

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