Plenty of Activity Clubs in Sun City Festival To Keep You Busy

There are plenty of reasons to live in Sun City Festival.  Festival is a wonderful community with great people and beautiful weather. I should know, I live here. In addition, our community has over thirty clubs that you can join to enjoy time with people that have similar interests.   Here are some of the clubs that are currently available.

  • Barrel Buddies A group that learns about wine, and that meets to enjoy a variety of food and wine pairings
  • Car club – This group meets for a variety of activities involving vintage, muscle and sports cars.
  • Digital Photo Club – This group revolves around the art of photography, and includes presentations, competitions and photography outings.
  • Festival Association of Beauties – A women’s club for the Sun City Festival residents, that includes weekly luncheons, a book club, chick flicks and other social activities.
  • Genealogy – This group meets once a month and is dedicated to the preservation of family trees and family history.
  • Hiking Club – Meet for a hike once a month with this group that loves the outdoors.
  • Mystery Riders – A group of motorcycle enthusiasts that meets for a ride once a week.
  • Quilting Bees – The quilting club offers a variety of classes, activities and outings for people interested in quilting.  This club also finds opportunities to sew for various charities.
  • Tennis club – It doesn’t matter what level you play at, or if you like doubles or singles, this tennis club is a great place to play, improve your game and stay fit.

This is only a portion of the clubs you’ll find.  There are also groups that are interested in bowling, crafts, singing, outdoor sports, golf, cooking, politics, religion, dancing and more. There is always something fun to do for everyone in Sun City Festival. It is a great place to live and enjoy life. To find your new home in Sun City Festival, please contact me, Don Schelling below:

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